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cheese head
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DIN 7343-1969
GB /T 879.3-2000
GB /T 879.4-2000
GB /T 879.5-2000
ISO 8748-1997
ISO 8750-1997
ISO 8751-1997
ISO 8751-2007
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 About Us
Wenzhou Ouhai LouQiao Fengyuan hardware accessories factory has developed into a professional production develop coiling spring pin the scale of the enterprise. Founded in 1991, after 20 years of unremitting efforts, the current main products are various specifications of the coiling spring pin, instrument accessories (aluminum frame), pieces of glasses stipule core. Products are widely used in machinery, instrument, instrument, automobile, war industry, aerospace industry, etc. The company has standardized production management, full equipped(different equipment hundreds), the craft is advanced, detection strict(8pcs detecting instrument), the enterprise passed the ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification and the European Union IAF accreditation.

Wenzhou Ouhai LouQiao Fengyuan hardware accessories factory is a researching, manufacturing, and develop marketing, service as one of the industrial company specializing in fasteners. Product quality is stable and reliable, become outstanding manufacturers, domestic and exported to Europe, North America, Middle East and other countries and regions. Fengyuan hardware develop products with superior quality, reasonable price and perfect service to win the user's trust and praise.

Wenzhou Ouhai LouQiao fengyuan hardware fittings factory mainly supply the material products are: ow carbon steel, stainless steel, manganese steel, AOO aluminum ingots, zinc, etc.